Exterior Coatings & Paint

At Armor Guard Painting & Coating we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We only use superior products ensuring longevity, putting years between expensive repaints. Our exterior coatings and paints are specifically formulated for the harsh sub-tropical Florida climate. Our coating products offer the preferred total system, including:

  • Mildewcides to resist the growth of mildew on the paint film
  • Flexibility allowing to expand and contract with the millions of microscopic cracks that develop over the buildings life,
  • Waterproofing that seals out wind driven rain and moisture rundown while allowing internal vapor to escape,
  • Fire Retardant does not support combustion,
  • Super Adhering to various types of surfaces,
  • Non Toxic contains no lead, mercury, asbestos, or formaldehyde,
  • Dirt Rejecting has the ability to reject excessive dirt accumulation allowing rain to wash off dirt that normally occurs on exterior paint films,
  • Warranties on almost all of our products. This is a great reason to consider Armor Guard Painting & Coating for you homes needs.

Armor Guard Painting homes

We offer a variety of products for every home owner’s budget. Here are some of the exterior products that we offer:


ARMOR COAT (20 Year)
Our best, premium 100% Elastomeric Coating with high solids and thick body permits the application of a heavy coat as much as 25-30 wet mils. With ARMOR COAT (20 Year) having a unique formula that contains a proprietary blend of mildewcides, premium titanium dioxide and 100% acrylic emulsions it makes it our most durable and most flexible product we sell. ARMOR COAT (20 Year) also passes ASTM-555-B Wind Driven Rain test with and without a primer. (smooth or textured)

ARMOR COAT (10 Year)
Our excellent 100% Elastomeric Low Mil Coating contains a proprietary blend of mildewcides, exterior grade titanium dioxide, and 100% acrylic emulsions that make it also extremely durable and flexible. ARMOR COAT (10 Year) is formulated to provide outstanding protection at 15-20 wet mils. (smooth only)



1. Inspection
Procedure: A complete inspection of your home’s exterior
Results: Reveals surface deterioration including cracking, peeling, chipping and mildew
2. Trenching
Procedure: Dig a 3 to 6 inch trench around the perimeter of your home
Results: Inhibits capillary action of ground moisture and prevents costly foundation repairs
3. Pressure Washing
Procedure: Entire house is cleaned using high power pressure cleaners
Results: Remove any dirt, mildew, and loose paint to expose problem areas
4. Patch and Repair
Procedure: Repair any cracks or breaks with special patching compound
Results: Helps correct surface defects and provides a uniform surface for the coating or paint
5. Masking
Procedure: Cover all doors, windows, shrubs, lawn and areas not being painted
Results: Prevents any overspray
6. Primer – Sealer
Procedure: Prime and seal complete exterior of home with special water proofing primer
Result: Seals home from any moisture penetration
7. Final Coat
Procedure: Apply a final coat of one of our many products
Result: Assures maximum protection for all the exterior walls of the home
8. Trim
Procedure: Apply trim product
Result: Assures maximum protection for all trim areas of the home
9. Clean-up
Procedure: Masking is removed and lawn, shrubs and other surfaces are cleaned up
Result: Property is left tidy, clean and beautiful
10. Completion Certificate
Procedure: You the homeowner are the final inspector on the job and are required to fill out our completion certificates
Result: To be assured that you are completely satisfied with the job and it was done to your satisfaction as Armor Guard Painting & Coating had agreed in our contract