Garage Floor Coatings


Floorguard Epoxy Coating (10 Year)
Floorguard Epoxy moisture barrier coating is a high quality and extremely durable flooring system. Perfect for high traffic areas in a home or commercial setting, Floorguard creates a thick seamless surface that wont bubble or discolor. Unlike paint, pavers, or tile, Floorguard is also UV resistant and impenetrable to moisture, making it perfect for pool decks and driveways. Preparation what sets this system apart. First, the top layer of the substrate is removed so we are left with a clean, particle free surface. Next, the bond coat and media broadcast layers are laid, to soak into and coat the concrete. Lastly the encapsulation coat is applied, leaving you with a tight bond and smooth finish that is strong enough to last for years. With a wide variety of custom designs and stenciling options available, resistant to hot tire pick up and easy to clean, Floorguard is the premium choice.