Paver & Exterior Sealers


H&C Paver Sealer (3 Year)
H&C Paver Sealer is a premium quality sealer that protects pavers and prolongs the natural beauty only pavers can bring to an outdoor living area.  This product applies milky white and dries clear to ensure complete coverage. It provides excellent weather resistance while protecting the investment against water damage.  It is solvent-free and VOC compliant, water-based. For a popular look on your pavers it comes in natural or gloss look.  Both the natural and gloss sealer will penetrate and protect your pavers and will also help lock in the joint sand between them.


SuperDeck Semi-Transparent / Solid Color Stain (5 Year)-wood decks
SuperDeck ensures results that no competitor can match. And with our Coating Life Extender, Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain, and Waterborne Solid Color Stain, we’re setting a new industry standard. Our new Coating Life Extender binds together loose fibers to improve stain adhesion on deck surfaces. Plus, it penetrates deeply to enhance the look of the wood grain, and provide UV and weathering protection. Our Waterborne Semi-Transparent and Solid Color Deck Stains give you beautiful and durable results quickly. These innovative coatings offer a wide range of colors and outstanding protection against weathering, chipping and cracking. And their excellent color retention ensures the look won’t fade over time. Also, both of these stains dry and clean up fast, which will improve your productivity. The SuperDeck line takes the guesswork out of deciding which finish to use or what steps to take. (SuperDeck® Deck Care System)

WoodScapes Semi-Transparent / Solid Color Stain (5 Year)-wood siding
Exterior siding looks better longer with WoodScapes waterborne house stain available in acrylic solid color or polyurethane semi- transparent. WoodScapes provides warrantied durability and color retention year after year, unlike conventional stains that fade and weather after only a year or two. The exclusive formula allows the job to get done faster and more efficiently. Unpredictable weather won’t hold up the job because we can apply WoodScapes in low temperatures. WoodScapes house stain keeps performing for years. We back it with the best warranty in the business, WoodScapes Acrylic Solid Color and the Polyurethane Semi-Transparent for are warrantied for 5 years. The warrantied performance is twice as long as you would expect a traditional stain to last. WoodScapes stains are warrantied not to noticeably fade or discolor, to retain their rich color and uniform appearance, and to protect the substrate from exposure.
(semi-colors) (solid colors)